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Cookies Delivery to USA

Conveying joy and happiness around the world- Knack a cookie box for your loved ones

Cookies are the stunning and incredible option for giving gifts and surprises to your near and dear ones.

We have an ample amount of these goodies for everyone related to every age-bars. With other cookies, we also make home-baked cookie and sugar-free digestive cookie with keeping contrast to health care.

Various types of cookies are obtained and available here:-

We have various types of amazing cookies like chocolate chips, benne wafer, fig-roll, snicker doodle,

Biscotti, kuegapit, Macarons, molasses, pecan pie cookies, dark chocolate raspberry truffles. With these, we have different types of shapes available for the kids too like cartoons, animals, and plants shaped which will be surely loved by children, as children are fond of it.

We have amazing cookies from different countries like:-

Palmiers, hazelnut Madeline, French Macarons, French butter cookies from FRANCE,

Russian tea-cakes from RUSSIA, Lebkuchen, bienenstich or bee-stung cake, Pfeffernuss from GERMANY, DENMARK &THE NETHERLANDS.

Kuih Loyang, manggong cake, barquillo, pineapple tarts, yaugok, butter, and almond cookies from CHINA. We also have Nan-khatai, coconut, jeera cookies, and semolina shortbreads from INDIA & PAKISTAN.

Our services:-

If you want to gift cookie cake, pan cookie cake or anything we have the most wide array of cookies for you. We sell to different coffee-houses, Grocery stores,  bakeries and eateries, vending machines, etc. We have a crazy demand for our special cookie over there.

We sell a cookie in eco-friendly, reusable, and recycling boxes and in also clay – box and containers so that our stuff and belongings don’t create any harm to the environment. We care for our mother earth and environment so we added necessary steps towards our works and tasks to create a waste-free and hazard-free society.

We also help to write and convey a message to your loved ones with cookies. Because we know a good cookie with good messages create happiness among your friends, relatives, and beloved ones.  Those cookies which we provide last to at least 2-4 months so need not to worry about its packaging. We provide cookies in airtight containers and boxes so that their tastes will last long.

We have our cookie testers who test and examine cookies before packaging so that you don’t have to go through health-related complications as we care for your health also.

We also deal with customized cookies specially for children, grown-ups, and elderly people.

We provide cookies for newly married couples with handwritten quotes and messages. Similarly, we have customized cookies for doctors, health workers, police, and corona workers to pay our gratitude.

And if you want to convey any special message to your loved ones, then let us know so that we will write and encrypt a special message for you.

We also sell home-baked cookies which are baked by experienced mothers and grannies so that you can get cookies having motherly touch. And the good thing is this cookie is our specialty.

We also sell different pastries, muffins, brownies, pies, and tarts with cookies.


Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

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