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New Baby Gift Basket

Childbirth in a family whether it’s yours or your friends is always considered auspicious. And of course, you need to send in your auspicious and well wishes to your friends and family members.

There is nothing better than sending a basket of gifts such as chocolates or flowers to glorify the occasion.

And if you are looking for such a gifting portal then there is no better portal than us to send a new baby gift basket.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to send in a wonderfully decorated gift basket for the newborn and their parents while also sending your good wishes and blessings come to our portal and choose your gift basket along with a wide variety of gift items to select from.

Choosing from a wide variety of gift items

If you want to select the widest variety of gift items to choose from then you got to take a look at each of our new baby gift baskets that we have got enlisted for you on our portal.

You can choose from a range of eatery items to wonderful decoration items and toys and other stuff too.

On the eatery segment, we have got lots of delicious cookies such as butter cookies, cashew cookies, almond cookies, apricot cookies, cherry cookies, etc.

You can also choose from a variety of candies and lollipops to gift the new baby. Our sugar cookies are also topped with unique flavors such as sweet and sour, tangy, etc.

Cakes are another item that you can have in a new baby gift basket. On the front of the cake, we have got so many varieties that you want to try out each one of them such as fruit-flavored cakes that include pineapple cake, strawberry cake, grapes cake, apple cake, banana cake, mango cake, etc. you can also choose the toppings from a wide range of creams such as vanilla creams, chocolate cream, butterscotch cream, and even choose the toppings on it such as almonds, cashews, more cherries, chocolate bites, etc.

We almost give you the provision to choose each item for a gift that you choose.

Choose from a range of flowers such as rose, tulips, marigolds, orchids, rhododendrons, alstroemeria, etc to fill in your new baby gift basket.

Send in your good wishes and blessings too…

With us along with your new baby gift basket you can also ask us to attach a card with your blessings and well wishes drafted by you. 

You just got to type in the message on our portal that you want to send your family members and friends who are the new parents of the new baby and dispatch it directly to their address.

Send your gift basket to your loved one’s address directly from our portal

You can send the new baby gift basket directly to the receiver’s address. No need to take it delivered to your address mandatorily.

We have an efficient delivery system that delivers packages right at the receiver’s doorstep within as little time as 24 hours.

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

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