Valentine day

I Love You Plants

Do you want to propose to your partner or simply tell your wife how much you love her?

Then you can gift something apart from the ordinary gift items that are generally given on such romantic occasions.

Try choosing from our I love you plants and we can ensure that neither you nor your partner will be disappointed.

Why gift an I love you Plant?

If you love someone really from the core of your heart then it is best to gift them something worth remembering. After all, you want your proposal to be not only accepted but that glorious evening to be last forever in both of your hearts right?

Then choose among the numerous plant varieties that you get on our plant gifting portal.

We believe that a plant resembles care, love, affection, bonding, peace, and positivity above all. And thus there is no reason why a potted plant cannot be a perfect gifting item on your marriage anniversary or your engagement day or even for this year’s Valentine's.

Choose our adorable plants for any occasions

Our I love you plants are just the perfect gifting item for any occasion. Whether she is your wife or your partner you can gift her an adorable plant from our portal for just about any occasion.

Be it her birthday, or your engagement, or your marriage anniversary, or even while proposing on Valentine’s day a plant can just make those tense moments relaxed and in the answer to your proposal turn in your favor.

Widest range of adorable small potted plant varieties

An I love you plant should always be a small potted plant and be adorable. So come and choose from the widest range of plant varieties on our portal.

This includes the rose plant which is of course the best gifting item to show your love.

But sometimes rose does not always fit into the occasion and maybe the personal preferences of your partner are something else.

If you know which type of plant variety it is then don’t worry about the rest, you will surely find it on our portal.

Some of our best sellers for such a graceful and memorable occasion include jasmine, lily, daisy, daffodils, alstroemeria, petunia, tulips.

All color variations are also available easily.

Why not engrave you're I love you a message on the pot itself?

You will say is that even possible? Of course, this is possible with us. We believe that when it is such a make-or-break occasion on Valentine’s day and you are proposing to the love of your life then you should leave out no stone unturned.

You can ask us to nicely imprint your lovely and adorable message on the flower pot and engrave the name of your partner or even your photos as a couple.

So what do you think about gifting anI love you plants from our portal?

Faster delivery at the cheapest price

We have fairly affordable prices for your chosen love you plants on our portal. We also have a highly efficient delivery system that delivers to any address in the US within a few days.  Our delivery charges are also lower.

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

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