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Anniversary Plants

Gifting plants for an anniversary might sound a bit odd but if you have someone who likes plants its is going to be the perfect gift for them.

 Whether it is your anniversary or your friends and colleagues who are having this graceful occasion you need to gift something worthy and long remember.

So why not check out on anniversary plants?

On our online portal, we have dedicated plant species like small plants for your indoor tables and desks which look simply awesome.

So visit our online website and shop for the largest varieties of both indoor and outdoor anniversary plants according to your choice.

Plant varieties are simply going to amaze you

We have a lot of plant varieties that you will simply love to check out. If you are looking among the small plant's section then you can check out something like lucky bamboo plants, money plants, peace lily plants, Haworthia plants, Microcarpa plants, small rose plants, arrowhead plants, etc.

These are just some of the amazing plant varieties for indoors such as if you want to have them on your study table, desk, upon cupboards, etc.

You can also plant them alongside your balcony or room entrance or as you wish to outlay your room décor.

Gift Plant Combos

We also have some combo gifts which you can choose from. For example, our dual money plant is a nice one for couples.

Don’t miss out on our unique Pot collections

Apart from our large collection of anniversary plants we also have a large variety of decorative pot collections.

We have various types of pots that you can choose from with unique designs of textures and shapes, and all sizes available.

You can check out the copper pots, stone pots that are carved out of stone, marble pots that are made of charming while marble, or plastic pots that have custom designed cartoons and other shapes designed on them.

There is something more special in the Pot variety…

When you are gifting on a special occasion such as an anniversary you can also have a look at our special pots on which you can leave a message with love for your partner.

Or else you can even shower well wishes and blessings for an anniversary occasion for your friends and family members.

We give you the provision to let you draft a small message dedicated to your partner and send it to us.

This will be nicely carved onto a decorated pot according to your choice in nice legible and decorative fonts.

Send other gift accessory items

Our collection of gift items for anniversary plants does not end here. Apart from your chosen plant variety, you can also gift a range of other accessory items all from our portals such as a greeting card, cake, chocolates, candies, or any decorative items.

The choice is really up to you for choosing to celebrate and gift a remembering gift for your anniversary.

Send your gifts assured to your receiver’s delivery address

With us, you can choose to send your anniversary plants directly to your receiver’s address. Just send us the address and we will ship the package right away.

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

Charles in Delmont, United States purchased a Cake

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